Terrarium Rope Wide

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Height:20cm and Diameter: 13cm

Terrarium Rope Wide makes an impressive and unique present or home decoration in any home or office. The Wide Rope is a stylish and cool vase with a mixture of cactus plants and moss that make a spectacular artistic arrangement with a modern vibe.

Terrariums are enclosed eco-systems for plants and moss (like an aquarium but for plants). The mini garden is unique in composition and acts as a mini-ecosystem. The plants and the soil in the terrarium release water vapor, this vapor is then collected onto the walls of the vessel and trickles down to the soil. Terrariums are self-nourishing, which is why they require little maintenance.

Open terrariums require minimum maintenance:

Leave the terrarium indoor in a place of light but not direct sunshine. Only add a glass of water every 3 weeks.